ZuzanaSakova, LPC
Psychotherapy and Couples Counseling in Portland, OR
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Therapy can help remove obstacles to your growth and allows you to become more engaged in life, although this is not always easy, fast or painless. Finding a more authentic self leads to a more meaningful life and towards more enhanced intimacy in your relationships. This can happen through increased awareness, deeper insight into your own functioning, greater self-acceptance, and increased compassion to self and others.

My clients matter to me a great deal and I strive to create a new approach for each patient as I explore their experiences, thoughts, behaviors, dreams or their innermost beliefs about self and others. Each of us has a unique story to tell and I aim to understand how anger, sadness or hurt are experienced and accommodated in our lives.

Whether you are in crisis, needing an immediate relief from anxiety or depression, or if you have an interest of exploring your deeper meaning, I'd consider your phone call a privilege.